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Memorial created 11-25-2011 by
VENNESSA SONA On behalf of the Mbongo & Akwo Families
Margaret Tonge MBONGO
October 15 1937 - November 21 2011

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Mama Margaret Tonge Mbongo, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign the family's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember mama forever.



Margaret Tonge Mbongo was the last of five (5) children born to Papa Isaac Godfred Mbongo and Mama Martha Fende Mbongo. Growing up she lived with her senior brother late Dr. Alfred Esung Mbongo in Bamenda where she received her education. She worked with the kumba Rural council serving in different capacities and retired as the "Market Mistress" of the kumba Urban Council as it is now called. She is survived by a sister, Ruth Ndoh Makumba, seven (7) children, ten (10) grandchildren and one (1) great grandchild, several nieces and nephews. She will be missed by her entire family, friends and the many social and professional groups to which she belonged.


                TILL WE MEET AGAIN

It will be the little things

that you will remember,

the quiet moments,

the smiles, the laughter.

And although it may seem hard right now,

it will be the memories of these little things

that help to push away the pain

and bring the smiles back again.


A Wonderful Mother and Friend

Your death, so sudden, I didn't have the chance to say good-bye. I have on many occassions replayed the incidences chronologically that led to your death but I can't really understand why this happened. May Jesus take you by the hand and help you find peace and relief from all the pains youfelt while alive. I'm lost for words, my life has changed forever as I know it. You were the wind beneath my wings, my pillar of strength and support, loving me unconditionally. I wish I could become half the woman and mother that you were; embracing everyone no matter who they are, spreading only love amongst people, I will feel a sense of accomplishment in this world. Your legacy will trully reign forever in the lives of those you have touched. My heart bleeds an indescribable pain that I cannot explain. I can only hope that meeting you again in heaven is my consolation and I am sure it will see me through this very difficult times. I pray that the Lord's Grace shine on you and give you peace now and forever. Your Loving daughter - Mboe



The Pillar of My Strength and My Inspiration

 Mother, you were one in a million. A mother everyone will love to have. The pillar of my strength. My inspiration. You made me to be the woman I am today and for that I will ever be grateful to you. Your unconditional love towards your children and wisdom will be greatly missed. You were a woman among men. We love you but God loves you best.

Your daughter  -   Joyce Bokeng


 Life is but a stopping place, A pause in what's to be,
A resting place along the road,
to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
but never meant to stay...
Our destination is a place
Far greater than we know.
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the lord.




No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say goodbye, you were
gone before we knew it, and only 
God knows why







Death leaves a heartache
no one can heal; 
Love leaves a memory no
one can steal


 Amah, Mama Tonge,

it is with a heavy painful heart that I am offering this tribute. Your passing took all of by surprise and left us in pain. We shared memorable moments together as well as our kids. As you go ahead of us all, may the Almighty receive you in his kingdom.

Thank you for your friendship and sisterly love.

Mama Nsume Akwo




We had a Wonderful Grandmother/Great Grandmother

 One who never really grew old; 

Her smile was made of sunshine, 

And her heart was solid gold; 

Her eyes were as bright as shining stars, 

And in her cheeks fair roses you see. 

We had a wonderful grandmother, 

And that's the way it will always be. 

But take heed, because She's still keeping an eye on all of us, 


So let's make sure She will like what she sees. 



(Lesley Mbongo)


In every life there comes a time when we close our eyes.

The road we walk on earth is filled with stories; dark and star-like!

I sit back and reminisce and with my “childlike” mind I go back to 1979

From when you became my eyes and watched over me like “yours”

Like every child, I needed a place where I would feel safe

And you were my safe haven.

You became the Dad we lost so early on that fateful day of  May 1st 1979.

We believed the world had caved in on us but you set a new platform;

A platform that absorbed the shock and became the ROCK!

And on the rock we stood with our heads up high and full with determination.

This you did out of LOVE!!

In all your sternness, you had a way of passing on those tender words to us;

some you didn’t even finish saying before exiting your “stage”.

I was with you in Maryland only a few days before you passed and it seemed to me there was still so much more you wanted to say but held back.

This, so true of your character: a woman of more action and less talk!

Even with the unspoken words I know your thoughts were all about protecting us from the dangers of this aggressive world; like a hen would cover its chicks.

Because with you it was all about LOVE!

Despite the sadness that pollutes the air,

I know nothing, absolutely nothing, could have been more fulfilling than having had an imposing aunt who stood her grounds in front of OUR adversaries to make her late brother, Alfred Esung MBONGO, proud.

O what profound LOVE!

It is time to say good bye and the lesson I draw from your star-like shine is:

            “Let’s dare to live; giving something of ourselves to others even when there seems nothing left for us to give. Let’s do this until our very last”.

Aunty Maggie, you may not have lived a life of affluence and gallantry but your success story is US. We know we made you proud and we sincerely thank you! In current language we say “You represented!!!”.

Go ye and take your rest but the pillar you built in me, on it would I rest till the end of time.

Because when I feel the fabric of this pillar, it is all out of LOVE!!




Oh Aunt Maggie, the matriarch of Mbongo’s Family, I can only say thank you for:

*    Being my father and filling the gap with the demise of my father on 1st May 1979;

*    Sharing your resources – time, energy, knowledge, skill, love and money to foster the development of the Mbongo Clan;

*   Making sure that, we, the children of your brother – Late Dr Alfred Esung Mbongo, create a legacy of our father in Cameroon;

*   Being a no nonsense woman who is proud of her nieces and nephews but takes no rubbish from them in order that they grow to be responsible citizens;

*   Having a rare but beautiful smile; it helped us to differentiate the good from bad habits that should not be copied;   

*   Being protective of the family;  I can go on and on; I am glad and grateful to God Almighty for giving me several opportunities to express my appreciation and love to you for a job well-done. I pray GOD grant your soul a peaceful rest till we meet again,

       Mamie Joyce/Bayande (Mbongo eps. Endeley), as you fondly called me 


 Tribute To My "Lovely Aunt"

 by Fadimatou Atze (Berlin - Germany

M.T, Council as I always called you. Your passing away was the greatest shock of my life. Words can't explain the way your sudden departure has affected me. You were a great inspiration in my life. I remember many at times you told me off as a young little girl whom you cared and loved and wished the best for. You were our Rock! Those words of advice you gave me have been an inspiration in my success. I have wept uncontrollably at your sudden disappearance. You were more like a mother than an aunt to me. Mum, you are going to prepare a better place for us as we recite these words from church Hymnary No.698
"I am not skilled to understand
 What God hath willed, what God hath planned,
 I only know at his right hand
 Stands one who is my Saviour"

  Why Why? The Almighty knows better.
 Adieu Aunt, May your Soul rest in Perfect peace, till we meet to part no more.
            Fadimatou Atze -   Berlin-Germany



Go and Rest Gentle Giant. Adieu my Sweet Aunt.

From Aminatou Fese - London, England

You were a mother, an aunt, a sister and a friend to me. You were so caring to every person you met without limitation. our hero has fallen but your legacy of friendship remains standing tall. Your voice was always the frist welcome I got each time we spoke on phone "saying Mina na how?" Your  lovely smiles , support and pride during victorious times. You were always there when I needed you. I did missed your love and care. It is hard to think you are no longer here, That I will come home and not meet you. I Will forever miss you. I know you were tired....go and rest....gentle giant...........Adieu my Sweet aunt.

 Aminatou Fese             London- England


 When a loved one becomes a memory

 That memory becomes a treasure.

Those we love we never lose,
For always they will be,
Loved, remembered, treasured,
Always in our memory.



Mama your departure has brought much sorrow in my life. I don't know what to do without you. You have always been a mother, father and above all  a wonderful grand mum to me you showed me love and affection when ever I'm depressed. Granny I have always admired your frankness and strictness because it makes me move forward in life . I have always looked upon you because you are my IDOL in life. I love you very much but God loves you more. 

May Your Soul Rest

 CLARA NNOKO, your grand daugther.



 Oh mami, we were planning on how we will spend our time together on your return home because we had much to discuss and talk on.

I am what I am today because you shaped  a beautiful world for me. You gave me love, life and education, always reminding me that education is my first husband, always wanting the best for me. You were my rock and mentor.

But you left me all alone to our plans without notice, however whatever has happened I believe is for the glory of God because He and Him alone knows better.

My greatest regret is that you did not live to reap the fruit of your labour. We will miss you and you will forever remain in our hearts.  

Your Grand-daughter STELLA 



"The memories of that fateful day brought a flood of tears. Much of what I have become as a woman, I owe to you. I could not have imagined my childhood without you. You accompanied me this far in my life’s journey . . . but only up to here. What matters now is that you were there with me when I needed you.

Your words of encouragements and your examples to face the realities of life. After all, you helped me experience a glimpse of the unconditional love God has for each of us.

I remember your voice... "miss u go cook we eru nah"? But hidden in all the pain and sorrow that we feel. No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before I knew it and only God knows why. You´ve left us with so many treasured memories that will never be forgotten.

Your departure leaves an unfillable void for our family, many friends and colleagues.

May the Good Lord grant you eternal rest."     

From your daughter Miss


A tribute to Grandma

Mami, it came to me like a great thunder and i have not stopped asking myself what really happened. I remember all the wisdom you often shared with me. “Ma B be true to yourself" she said, “And follow your dreams, No matter what it takes or how hard it seems.

We all were meant to be the very best we can be, so listen to your heart and let your spirit run free". 

I heeded your advice though at times it was tough, But you were always there when the going got rough, Listening, encouraging and quelling my fears, never judging, just guiding me throughout my young years. You taught me that tradition was a guide, not a rule;

You have passed away but I still hear your words just like yesterday, your spirit in my heart is a legacy to me. 

R.I.P  From Bayen Bessem & Family (Sweden)


 Grandma I will meet You In Heaven

Dear Grandma, I miss you a lot but I know you are in a better place called Heaven. My family is crying all the time but I try to keep them happy by telling them you are in heaven. They know but they cannot stop crying because they miss you a lot. I miss taking walks with you and all the stuff we do together. I will see you again in heaven. I promise I will be a good person and do my best at school. I love you Grandma.

Love, Matthew Sona Mboe


You Were One Of A Kind

Mum, what happened to the unfinished business we had? Little did we know the future is not promised. Thanks for being there when we needed somebody. We have to learn to live without you. It's going to be hard. Goodbye is not the answer. You were one of a kind. Your love will remain for ever. Life will never be the same without you. Till we meet again.

C. Muyang Tendoh & V. Fri Tendoh


 Tribute to my Aunty Maggie

“Mamie Margaret” (as you were popularly know), you will NEVER be forgotten. I thank God for giving you the GRACE to have stood as a pillar of colossal dimensions, in the Mbongo family.  Your immense love for your brother and sisters did not stop there but permeated to their children and grand children.  You showed the whole family love.  

When our father (late Dr A.E. Mbongo) went to be with the Lord in 1979, you immediately stepped in and defended us with selfless LOVE. You filled those years with a sense of stability and LOVE. (Albeit, sometimes necessary tough love – because you were a ‘no nonsense’ tough woman).  You contributed to moulding me to the person I am today and I thank you. 

I thank God for your life, for giving you the grace to be a blessing to all of us and may the Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ, keep your soul in perfect peace.  To God be the Glory.“Mamie Margaret”, forever in our hearts; Rest in Peace. 

Fese, Plummer, Esung and Aisha Hamilton (London)


 Grand Ma,

I read somewhere that birth is the beginning of a journey, the journey of life and death is only the destination and not the end. 

You have reached your destination. I thank GOD you had a safe journey. Some have a hard time getting there. I hope you are smiling wherever you are and there is the beginning of a better life and that new life is nothing like a journey but a place of rest. Rest in Peace

Small Bayande 


 And I've got to understand  

Death they say is the only thing we are sure of,

Three scores and ten plus four you were blessed with,

If I had my way I would pray the Lord to grant you more years

As hard as it is for me to comprehend your demise

So I will say you've just walked on ahead of me

And I've got to understand  

Your presence for me was a safe haven, an embodiment of strength, fortitude and a strong fortress

When ever I had a problem/challenge and called on you,

I was sure to have a solution

Because you wouldn’t leave any stone unturned to make sure I was ok.

At every major event or phase in my life your presence showered me with love

It is so hard to imagine you not being there for me anymore.

Yes you must release the ones you love
And let go of their hand.

So I will say you've just walked on ahead of me

And I've got to understand  

I try and cope the best I can
But I'm missing you so much
If I could only see you
And once more feel your touch.

And hear your voice calling me ma oh, mama or Mrs Endeley the second

Ah November!!! You hold too many sad memories for me.

Time they say heals all wounds and I trust in the Lord to heal my wounds in time.

Yes, you've just walked on ahead of me

And I've got to understand.

No matter how much my heart aches right now, don't worry I will be fine

Because the memories I have of you have now become a treasure

For that is what you would want me to do, to think of you with a smile on my face.

Yes, you've just walked on ahead of me

And I've got to understand, 

Just a short poem to bid you safe trip as you journey on to meet the Lord your creator 

“Roses love sunshine 

Violets love dew

Angels love heaven and

I love you”
etuakè Mami

Your daughter Ida Tonge 


 Tribute to My Darling Mother

The pain and loss I feel is so deep that words can’t express.So I will just say rest in peace my darling mum. 

Your daughter Njulie


 Tribute to My Wonderful Mother in-law

My dear Mami, 

It is really hard to believe that you have left us. I remember calling Ida who confirmed to me the sad news that has taken away the smile from my face. To me you were not just my mother in-law but my mother as well. My mother because you considered me first as a son and later on welcomed me into your family as your son in law. For that I will be forever grateful.

I will miss all the wonderful times we shared together.

Rest in peace Mami, you will always be remembered.

Your Son-in-law Pierre


A Woman of Substance

 It is like a dream, a very bad dream which I have been praying will come to an end.Yes mami u do we ya!!! It is really going to be hard to believe or even think that you are no longer here with us.

You have always been there and very present in my life. I now know that all the times you were hard on me it was for my own good and you did that out of love. ahh!! mami just when things were beginning to shape up for me, you left without enjoying the fruits of your labour.

You were a woman whose love knew no bounds. I remember many at times when I came home with my numerous friends. Some of them you scolded at but still welcomed them with love.

For me you were…..

A mighty woman of God,

A woman of faith,

A loving and caring Mother,

A woman of Honesty and Truth,

Helper of all who comes her way,

A woman of substance.

I pray you know how much I appreciated and loved you. And so I will say… A big THANK YOU for always being there for me, my children, my husband and for all the sacrifices you made for us. 

I just wish you a happy and peaceful rest with your Maker and Saviour whom you worshiped and praised everyday.

God be with you. Sleep in peace.

Your daughter Sheila Enanga 


 You Were A Gift To Us

We know it is not always easy to say good bye,

But we the Mukweles have realised that there is always a time to say good bye.Thus, as we prepare to bid you good bye Mami Maggi,The Mukweles cannot but stop to look back at your life. At the ways and how this life of yours impacted on ours. 

You were an umbrella that sheltered many,So were we sheltered by you.Your love, kindness, strictness were qualities that distinguished you from mates.

You made marks in our lives that time will not be able to wipe out, Marks that we shall cherish all life long.

Thus, as we say good bye to you,Our gratitude goes to God who knows how to give good gifts, For indeed, a gift you were to us. Then again our payers go to the present and future generations of the Mbongo’s whom you are living behind;

Prayers of God's ultimate best for them; Prayers for the grace of God in their lives,So that they might continue that which you started.

To you we were, mamy Nianga;

To you we were, mamy Kong;

To you were, mamy Fende.

To this end therefore, we thank God once more for you and the life you lived.

From the daughters of MUKWELE.



Quelqu'un qu'on aime, c'est perdre une partie de soi même.

Bien sûr, ceux que nous aimons ne nous appartiennent pas
mais notre coeur leur appartient ...
Celui que tu aimes fait partie de Toi.
Le perdre, c'est souffrir dans ton corps.
Cette blessure en toi est aussi tangible que
le vide que tu ressens autour de toi.

Tu te demandes si tu auras la force de
marcher dans un monde où la personne aimée ne laissera
plus jamais ses empreintes.
Tu te demandes comment la Terre peut continuer de tourner
alors que ton univers s'est arrêté.
Tu parles en silence le langage des larmes,
et ton coeur s'efforce de comprendre ce
que personne ne peut comprendre.
Les pensées spirituelles, les convictions religieuses,
La philosophie, sont impuissantes à guérir tes blessures.
Mais le pouvoir de l'Amour te réconfortera.
Tu trouveras l’Amour dans le cœur de ceux qui
t’entourent et qui se préoccupent de toi.
Ceux qui ont traversé le pays des larmes où
tu te perds aujourd’hui te montreront le chemin.
Le soleil se lèvera chaque jour et, chaque nuit, la lune et les étoiles
brilleront dans le ciel.
Tu entameras le rituel sacré du souvenir.
Le chagrin deviendra ton compagnon de route…
Il nourrira cette partie de toi qui sais ce que signifient compassion, force et profondeur.
Ton chagrin te donnera le courage d'affronter lesdéfis les plus exigeants de la vie ...
De savoir accepter ce que donne la vie, et ce que la vie reprend....
De savoir accepter les mystères qui font partie intégrante de la vie.
Un beau jour, la paix reviendra. Peut être la paix reviendra-t-elle
dans un timide rayon de soleil À travers la fenêtre close.
Peut-être la paix reviendra-t-elle dans le chant d’un oiseau.
Avec le temps, le voile du chagrin se lèvera.
La paix reviendra dans ton cœur…et tu sauras que l’amour partagé
est un don du ciel qui ne meurt jamais.
Tu sauras que l’Amour partagé est la plus précieuse et
la plus sacrée de nos richesses en ce monde.
Cet Amour est éternel.                                      Mamy Mbobo I'll  miss you .        
                                             Eben Koula Albert


 John 11:35 "Jesus Wept".

Mami our tears will never run dry. In fact it is unbelievable and frustrating to see that you are no more with us. Your sudden departure has stabbed our hearts.
Oh! Brave, Courageous, Generous, and God fearing sweet mother. You did a lot to build the human resources of our family. We wish you could have stayed long to journey with us through out the race. May your sense of belonging spirit remain with us till we fulfill your dreams. 
The Almighty Lord loves you most, go in peace and serve the Lord, Amen.
From Nnoko Victor Akwo (son).


Te dire au revoir, t'écrire en poésie ma tristesse, une belle lettre d'au revoir pour garder un espoir une image de toi de lumière et de sagesse. Tu nous quittes mais tu resteras toujours présente dans mon cœur.

Koula esung claude.


 The Timber is Gone

Someone we love is gone.  Mami Maggi Akwo nee Mbongo (Council, Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady) as she’s famously known among our peers, for her toughness, is no longer amongst us. But none can be very overwhelming when we know that Mami’ death is no longer a dream but a reality that we are yet trying to accept.

Through the tears of my eyes and the whisper of my Heart, I can feel the pain of sorrow run through me with unthinkable despair. The vacuum that is created by her death is irreplaceable, and the many lives she has touched in her lifetime will never be same again. Because she is the timber tree, the bedrock, the energy that propelled many of us to what we are today. I am the product of her benevolence and love. Words cannot express the heaviness that is felt deep inside of me, but I shall for ever remain grateful for all that she has done to me, because she was the second mother whom I never had and also to many. She was amazingly kind to everyone who came across her. Many didn’t know her soft heart until when they get closer. She was a wonderful person but always steadfast in her decisions. The dignity and grace by which Mami sailed through her life, has left a wake of beauty across the many hearts she touched. Death as the said, “is inevitable”, because it comes as a thief to snatch something very dear to you. Questions as to ‘why’ shall always remain unanswered. The timber in the forest has fallen. Many shall be affected by her loss, but her legacies shall forever remain in our hearts.

In whatever circumstances we find ourselves, we will still give thanks to God. He knows best. May she rest in peace yet enjoy every minute of the beauty of eternal life. We love you, miss you and look forward to seeing you again.

Rest in Peace Mami.



 Tribute to My Loving Aunt

   Your departure has left me without an  aunt anymore. What a loss. But I am comforted by the fact that it pleased the Lord to let me bury you than vice versa. 

Thanks be to HIM. 

Adieu adieu

Your loving nephew Nkele.


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